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Welcome to our Info Centre, here you will find some great swimming tips and advice on swimming techniques for swimmers of all ages.

Irish Times article on teaching Swimming to Children

We came across this piece by Brian O’Connor, on teaching Swimming to Children, in the Irish Times on 6th April. You may find it of some interest. Click here to read.  

New Swimming Term

Our Spring Swim Term has commenced; there is limited availability in some classes. Summer Term will start in late April 2016. We are now accepting bookings for that term, if you require any further information, you can contact Eithnne through email at any time, Or should you wish to speak to her, please contact […]

Swimming for Babies

Babies who have been introduced to swimming in the first two years of their lives, develop a greater sense of their surroundings and thus are already learning to be more creative and observant. Another benefit of early introduction to the water is that when the child reaches pre-school age and they commence formal swimming lessons, […]

Obesity and Children

Swimming is recognised as a moderate intensity physical activity that may help to maintain a healthy weight in children. It is recommended that swimming takes place in a heated pool, as we have here in Cheeverstown, as swimming in cold pools tends to increase appetite. A study by the University College London Institute of Child […]