Our 2 Boys having been going to Eithne’s swimming school since before they could walk. We have found it to be a very safe, friendly and enjoyable atmosphere for our children to learn to swim, grow their self-esteem and have a lot of fun. I have no problem recommending Eithne’s school!

L. McAllister, Knocklyon, Childrens Swimming Lessons

When it came to choosing a Swimming Instructor for my first born for me it was super easy. Having learned to swim myself with the fantastic Eithne Duffin I was delighted to learn I could now send my daughter to her fantastic classes. My daughter loves Mrs Duffin’s classes and how she keeps all the young tots inline I’ll never know 🙂

Louise Quigley, Childrens Swimming Lessons Dublin South

Aoibhe & Ross have been going to the Duffin School of Swimming for the last 3 years. In that time they have both developed very well in various aspects of swimming. I have found both Eithne and Evette very approachable, patient (especially with Aoibhe) and extremely professional in their teaching. Swimming is a life skill we all need and I would highly recommend the Duffin School of Swimming.

Peter Harlow, Childrens Swimming Lessons Dublin South

All my four children have learnt to swim their first strokes under the capable guidance of Eithne Duffin and her team at the Cheeverstown pool. Eithne takes a personal interest in the progress of all the children in her class. It was great to see my children progress so fast from the beginners section to the deep end. The pool at Cheeverstown is small, so it is not too intimidating for children, and the water temperature makes it one of the warmest pools in Dublin! I would have no problem recommending Eithne to any parent considering sending their child for swimming lessons,

Caroline Lynch, Dublin 6W, Childrens Swimming Lessons Dublin South

‘When I asked my six year old what he thought of his swim coach Eithne Duffin he replied ‘She’s the best swimming teacher EVER!!!!!!!,
Need I say any more.

Peter Dempsey, Dublin 6, Childrens Swimming Lessons

My four children have been attending The Duffin School of Swimming for the last six years, respectively. I have three boys and a girl aged 9 , 8, 6 and 4.
It has been a joy to see them all progress from being babies just out of nappies to fully fledged confident and extremely competent swimmers. The last to start, my little girl, is now swimming in the deep end without any swimming aid and having a blast with her brothers.
It is so important to be able to swim and thanks to Eithne and her teachers my chidren have all learnt to do so and are having a ball.
I would highly recommend The Duffin School of Swimming if you want your children to learn how to swim and enjoy the experience!

A very happy Mum, Louise Keogh Weber, Childrens Swimming Lessons